Over the last few days I’ve realized that maturity is not just something that ”happens” to you as u grow.It’s actually something that u practise,cultivate and control.You can decide to be impulsive or not,to be frustrated or not,to make an effort against the odds or not,to ignore embarrassments,disappointments and feelings of insecurity or not.This means that u just don’t grow up and say because of my age,i dont cry anymore(just for e.g)because you are the one that wields the power and control over your tendency to cry or not.

    Maybe you might slowly curb the habit through unconscious experiences but trust me,when something happens to you,at that moment particularly,you do have the power to control your reaction/response.All you have to do is try to be relaxed(don’t rush),see things objectively(from all possible angles),evaluate all possible ways of reacting and their corresponding repercussions and make your move according to what will make you stronger and will not compromise your propensity to be hapy.
    Don’t view the act of being spontaneous as an inevitable convention,cos it’s really not.Try and make decisions that will facilitate the realization of a state of tranquility,love and happiness.Sustain your zest for life.Strive to be happy.

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